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November 22-29

This week, MOOCers will share their artifacts created in Week 2 and participate in an #eTOP12 Tweet Chat where Brian Mull will provide feedback on the artifacts shared. During the Tweet Chat, we'll also reflect and on what we discovered during the Micro-MOOC.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify various methods of technology application and integration used in other MOOCers' artifacts.

What To Explore

  1. Share and examine artifacts created in Week 2.
  2. Participate in the #eTOP12 Twitter Chat.

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Activity 3

Upload the artifact you created in Week 2 to your personal blog or on the Questions and Comments page. Share with us the content pedagogical model you used, why you chose the technology tool for the assignment, and any other factor that contributed to how you created your artifact. Use the Review Form if you wish to give feedback to another creation or evaluate your own.

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A Twitter chat is a lot like any other online chat, where people gather to talk about a specific issue. To join a Twitter chat, you just need to know what hashtag is being used. A hashtag is simply a way to search topics on Twitter and is recognized as a word preceded by a “#,” such as #eTOP12.

How to participate in the Twitter Chat

You can simply go to and login, then type #eTOP12 into the search box at the top. If you keep refreshing the search results, you will see the chat stream as it comes in through Twitter. You may also use an application specifically designed to monitor Twitter chats. One popular option is TweetChat. This applications will allow you to enter your search term (#eTOP12) and show a stream that will update in real time. See also Twitter for Professional Use – Part 4: Participating in a Live Event for more tips and tricks.


To recap, here is what the Twitter Chat is all about.
Who: All #eTOP participants
What: Tweet Chat featuring Brian Mull from November Learning
When: November 29, 10:30 AM CST. Tome Zone Converter.
Where: On, Twitter, use hashtag #eTOP12, or use TweetChat.
Why: Share your artifact or assignment from week 2 with us and get feedback from the MOOCers and Brian Mull. Use the review form if you wish to share formal comments with your peers. Fill out the document and Tweet as an attachment or e-mail to them. You will have to ask for their email address via twitter or some other means to email them directly.
More: How to get the most out of a Twitter Chat.

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