November 8-14

This week, we will explore a variety of online pedagogies and hear from webinar guest speaker Brian Mull, Innovation Director of November Learning, about levels of technology integration.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify new content pedagogies and learning theories that apply to your teaching methods and technology preferences.

What To Explore

  1. Attend the live webinar with Brian Mull, Director of Innovation at November Learning on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 1:30pm CST.
  2. Explore the resources about pedagogical models.
  3. Complete Activity 1.


Consider the following:

Pedagogical perspectives - What is pedagogy?

Pedagogy is the art and science of how something is taught and how students learn it. Pedagogy includes how the teaching occurs, the approach to teaching and learning, the way the content is delivered and what the students learn as a result of the process. -Oakland Community College

Why use technology? Faculty as Designers of Learning Environments

“Learning itself cannot be designed. It can only be designed for through the design of learning environments … If technologies were simply for providing and structuring information, they wouldn’t be all that learner centered. Information in the form of facts and ideas isn’t what we seek as learners; we look for meaning and understanding by making connections. … This is why we bother with technologies: they have the potential to expand choices about how we teach and learn.” - Haughey, 2003

The Design of Learning Environments

  • Learner-centered environments: Designers attend to learners’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs
  • Knowledge-centered environments: Designers help students to go beyond rote learning to enduring understandings transferable to novel situations
  • Assessment-centered environments: Designers provide opportunities for feedback and revision congruent with explicit learning outcomes
  • Community-centered environments: Designers establish norms for people learning from one another and continually attempting to improve
From How People Learn

Why use more technology?


Some Pedagogical Models and Learning Theories

The following resources describe some of the pedagogical models if you would like to review them or consider new models. Please select reading you may not be familiar with and scan them for new ideas.


Activity 1

Content pedagogy refers to the pedagogical (teaching) skills teachers use to impart the specialized knowledge/content of their subject area(s). Consider the questions below and then respond on your blog, Tweet about it, email to us (FacultyeCommons@AcademicPartnerships.com) or post to the Questions and Comments page if you wish. Use the tag #eTOP12 on external sites so we can gather your responses on the Sharing page.

Consider responding using a new technology! Here are resources to help you find technologies for learning:


Questions: What is your content pedagogy model? Consider an activity or assignment of your own that uses a technology tool in some way. Or, consider an assignment or activity that you would like to enhance with technology. How does that assignment align with your content pedagogy? Did anything you read in the Resources that is new, or changed your mind? Be sure and check the Sharing page to see what others have discovered.