November 1-7

Here are a few simple activities for this week to get connected before the webinar on November 8.

Define how you will participate in the Micro-MOOC.

We encourage you to set up a blog (on a service such as or Blogger, Twitter or a space you have already created). This course is different from what you've likely experienced in the past - it's open and distributed. It's important for you to define how you wish to participate and make social connections. You will always have this eTOP12 wiki to return to, ask questions, or contact us as a home base. This action plan will help you think about your goals and the ways you might participate.

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General Wikispace navigational information can be found here. Other tools to explore for introducing yourself, collaborating and connecting with your fellow MOOCers:
  • Showcase yourself at Thank you, Phil, for allowing us to use your page as a fine example!
  • Twitter If you do not yet use Twitter, now if the time to try it out. If you would like to follow us, add FacultyeCommons.
  • Site44Site44 turns Dropbox folders into websites. Very easy to edit your HTML locally.
  • Get a snapshot of your digital life from What About Me. What About Me analyzes your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube posts to generate an infographic of your social media usage.
If you use one of these tools, post it on the Questions and Comments page, Tweet using #eTOP12 or email to us at so we can add to the sharing page.

Use the #eTOP12 tag.

It is especially important to use this tag in Twitter, your blog or in offsite postings so we can recognize content related to this Micro-MOOC. We will aggregate this content and display it on the sharing page and in the digest.

Share the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed or twitter name.

If you know how, please tell us your feed address.
  • If you are using a blog, Twitter or another tool, share the RSS feed.
  • Need to know how to find your RSS feed? Determining an RSS feed

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Let's collaborate with Thinglink!

Look at the technology collage image below. Visit one of the technology tool sites in the image by using a search engine such as Google or a website such as Go2web20to find it. Share a feature you discovered about the site or your favorite way to use it by adding text, tags, audio, video and media links directly on the image.

First hover over the buttons to read what others have said.

Then add your own ideas by hovering over the upper left corner and selecting the pencil and adding a tag.

Feel free to add tags for new tools that are not on the image by clicking the pencil and adding a tag in any open space. Don't forget to leave your twitter address in the tag, so we know who you are!
More About Thinglink
Example of a Thinglink in Action
Image by 4_EveR_YounGSome rights reserved

Not sure about MOOCs in general?

Here are some helpful resources:

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The above page is loosely based on “How It Works” CCK11/Stephen Downes